Develop your communication skills in a relaxed, supportive environment. These short courses draw on your own experiences and knowledge, introducing theory, policy and practice along the way,

My aim is that you leave feeling more confident about the options you have for connecting and communicating with those you support.

I can help if you want to understand more about:

  • Communication Before Speech. Explore the development of communication in infancy. Find out more about approaches such as Intensive Interaction, Personal Profiles, and the use of technology as relevant to people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, those with autism and those with later stage dementia.
  • Communicating well with people with learning disabilities. Usually bespoke, delivered in house for teams. Contact me to talk about your requirements.
  • Communicating well with people with dementia (including late stage dementia when speech may be lost.)  Understanding the barriers to communication, an introduction to approaches such as life story work, reminiscence, using objects for meaning, Validation Therapy, Intensive Interaction.