Communication is essential for making relationships and living a full and meaningful life; it’s important we get it right. I work with individuals, families, support teams and organisations to improve communication for people of any age. 

Clinical Areas

  • Learning Disability
  • Autism
  • Pre-verbal communication development .
  • Paediatric speech and language
  • Neurological impairments e.g. epilepsy, dementia.
  • The use of story based approaches; using technology to record, share and preserve the stories that contribute to a person’s identity.


I can provide:

  • Assessment
  • Advice
  • Recommendations
  • Reports
  • Demonstration of techniques
  • Coaching and support to embed recommendations into daily life
  • Training/workshops in communication



I can work with you to address your specific needs. Do get in touch, I’m always happy to talk through your situation.  Other examples include; team training and facilitation, auditing and applying the 5 Good Communication Standards, preparing for a CQC visit, developing policies for interaction, coaching and follow up for troubleshooting and sustained change.


Contact me to find out more.


Useful links

You can find the 5 Good Communication Standards here.  (Reasonable adjustments to communication that individuals with learning disability and/or autism should expect in specialist hospital and residential settings.)
Produced by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists 2013

CQC’s brief guide to Communication Standards for people with a learning disability or autism.